Apple Gets Rid of MacBook For MacBook Air

Oh Apple, while you generally make good decisions, you really messed up by getting rid of the MacBook.  Apple’s PC business (yes Apple, your computers are PCs, stop trying to get people to not call them PCs; the term you’re looking for is Windows or Linux) is built on adoption by college students.  Windows machines rule in almost every business, why?, because they are cheap and highly configurable, exactly the things a business is looking for in a computing machine.  Apple has been making strives in the PC market lately, but it hasn’t been in business, it’s been in the personal market, specifically among college students, and now its really taken a misstep.

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Apple Stores Your Computer Name on its Servers

I just decided to pick up an SSD drive for my MacBook Pro.  One of the joys of getting a new hard disk is that you get to refresh your system from scratch, if you decide not to image your drive.  I mean this seriously, there’s nothing like a fresh install, everything runs really quick.

Well, first thing I had to do was install Snow Leopard as Lion is download only – hmm.. already not as happy with Apple’s new reliance on the App Store for distribution.  Yes I know that Apple will be making Lion available on flash drives in the near future for a fee, but its got a nice $40 surcharge in an era where you people routinely hand out multi-gigabyte flash drives for free.

Anyways, to get to the real point of this post.  I install Lion and then go to install DropBox.  I’ve installed Dropbox enough to know that it keeps track of the name of your system and knowing this was a fresh install, I go to type in what I really want my computer to be identified as when what do you know, it already has that listed.  Huh?

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Basic Linux Job Control

The linux command line is a powerful tool.  There are many advantages to using the command line, especially if you are a quick typer or are looking for advanced options.  But despite its positives, the command line has a couple things that make it hard to use, one being that the current job will usually stop you from doing anything until its done running.  This is where job control can be very handy.

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